• Letícia de Souza Baddauy

The Brazilian Supreme Court enters AI Era

We have previously mencioned the astonishing number of processes moving trough the Brazilian Courts (80 millions), according to the National Council of Justice, in our last article.

One of the undesired consequences of this is the delay in the conclusion of the law suits. Although the Brazilian Constitution garantees a reasonable duration of the processes, in order to assure effectiveness in terms of access to Justice, it is a goal still not achieved.

However, it is also true that efforts are being constantly made to change this scenario. And one of the last news is the lauching of an Artificial Inteligence Project at the Supreme Court, developed in a partnership with the University of Brasília.

As annouced by the President of the Supreme Court, Justice Cármen Lúcia, a robot, named Victor (in honor to a former justice of that court, Victor Leal Nunes) is already operating.

It is expected that the significant time saved by the use of the AI will be directed to other relevant and more complex jurisdictional activities that need to be done by humans. Consequently, it would mean better and faster decisions.

For now, we shall wait for the results of this experience, hoping that technologie may contribute to the improvement of the Brazilian litigation system.

Letícia de Souza Baddauy

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Originally published on September 6, 2018.