• Letícia de Souza Baddauy

Beyond the office visit: telemedicine

Physicians are facing a new challenge: the smarphones. The device makes possible the connection with the patients after (or even before) the office visit.

The site Medical Economics informs that a study from West Corp. “found that 66% of Americans have received a voicemail, text or email from their healthcare provider, with half of those who received a communication saying it made them feel more valued, a third saying the digital communication improved their opinion of the provider and a third saying it made them feel more likely to visit the provider again.”

It seems, therefore, that developing new ways of staying in touch with the patients will soon be best practice in medical care. Although it looks like very good news for the patients, the physicians must pay strong attention to this scenario.

First, there is a risk of a “tech burnout”, which problably could be managed by automation. The ability to deal with the new technologies is very important. Automation after office hours can be a way to stay in touch with the patient, providing them with reminders, for instance.

Besides, physycians shall give special attention to data safety, once they work with highly sensitive information about people. Regulation as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are being adopted by many countries.

Finally, they must be up to date with regulation of the jurisditions where the services are provided. In a world almost “without frontiers”, it is possible that in a near future some international treats will be celebrated in this field.

Letícia de Souza Baddauy

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Originally published on March 12, 2019.